ALU door frame

The price of your made to measure door-front can be easily calculated using the form below. Once calculated, you can order your configuration via adding it to the shopping cart.

time: 5 working days (10 working days with glazing); + delivery days.
Urgency fee
: +20%.

Product line (larger quantities), please ask for individual offer.

For more information about the selected profiles.

Configure your ALU frame.
min: 150, max: 3000 mm.
min: 150, max: 3000 mm.
Configure hinge options
Set the number of desired hinge places.
Set the distance of each hinge place from the starting point.
min: 3, max: 6 mm.
Choose the type of hinges for your ALU1 profile door frame.
Aventos fittings placement
Choose the planned Aventos fitting.
Please enter the position of first hole center of the Aventos fitting in mm.
Set the distance of each hinge place from the starting point.
min: 3, max: 6 mm.
Warning: this service does not include any Aventos fitting product!
Configure hinge options
ALU handle positions
Set the distance of each handle bore according to the drawing on the right side.

Please take note that ALU1/2 and ALU1/3 profiles can only have handle holes in their glass inserts so the minimum L5 values are 25 mm for ALU1/2 and 15 mm for ALU1/3.

Production times:
Regular production: 10 workdays (with glass inserts), 5 workdays (without glass inserts)
Urgent production: 4-5 workdays (with glass inserts), 2-3 workdays (without glass inserts)
Shipping usually takes additional 2 working days.
Enter parameters on the left and press Calculate to get your price.
Once your product is configured, please read its details carefully on the right above.
If everything seems to be ok, enter the desired quantity and press the 'Add to cart' button

Prices shown exclude VAT.

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