LEDline - lighting

LEDline - lighting

Exclusive LED lighting - for exclusive furniture

Even a simple piece of furniture can be unique by using a well-designed lighting system, while any furniture of minimal style can be transformed into a more exclusive one.

The advantages of using LED lighting:

  • due to their low energy consumption the lamps do not heat up and they do not warm the furniture up

  • complete system can be set up from LEDline products

LED lighting can be used in several different ways due to variety of installation methods: version of embedded in corpus can be used for counter lighting in the bottom of upper kitchen furniture, for lighting of wardrobe. Self-adhesive LEDline (easy to hide) can be used for lighting of shelves or plinth. Interior designers are keen on using it for lighting of ceiling. The lighting of edges of glass shelves gives exclusivity to furnitures in the kitchen, the bathroom or the living room.

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