Gasspring bed actuators for single bed

50.00 €

Service instructions for installation of bed actuators for beds containing drawers.
Main parts: jointed mechanism and gas spring.

Product type

For example on product HAVP-O1V-600N


It is recommended that the gasspring is installed with its piston rod showing downwards.

Installing instructions

Bed actuators are maintenance free

The gasspring actuator doesn't require any greasing or lubrication

Prevent gassprings from deflecting by avoiding transverse and torsional forces, they should only be loaded axially. If other attachments and components should fail, you should also prevent them from causing such transverse and/or torsional forces:

Mattress weight (kg)Extension force of gasspring (N)
30 kg600 N
35 kg700 N
40 kg800 N

(In case of mattress length of 2200 mm, extension force is stronger by 10%)


Choose an extension force!

Gasspring for bed actuators - for single bed
Gasspring for bed actuators - for single bedGasspring for bed actuators - for single bed - sizes

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