P06 LEDline (with self-adhesive tape)

From 2.26 €

The product can be cut in every 5cm, and these leftover LEDs can be used somewhere else (connected with a transformator).
To light glass shelves, wardrobes or plinth.

Number of Led:60 or 120 led/meter
Power:4,8 or 9,6 W/meter
Transformator sizes (20W):120x45x20mm
Transformator sizes (50W):160x50x23mm

Package contains:

  • one piece of LEDline stripe with adhesive

  • one piece of transformator with cabel and plug

The product is available also with LEDs of blue light.

Its waterproof version (P67) is suitable for plinth profile and bathroom use.

P06 LEDline (with self-adhesive tape)
P06 LEDline (with self-adhesive tape)P06 LEDline (with self-adhesive tape)P06 LEDline, BLUE (with self-adhesive tape)P06 LEDline (with self-adhesive tape)Transformator, 20 W

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