Drawer slides

MD/45 drawer slide

From 3.61 €

Full extension.

Finish: galvanized steel.

ProductExtension (100%)Load capacity
MD/45-250 mm250 mm45 kg
MD/45-300 mm300 mm45 kg
MD/45-350 mm350 mm45 kg
MD/45-400 mm400 mm45 kg
MD/45-450 mm450 mm45 kg
MD/45-500 mm500 mm45 kg
MD/45-550 mm550 mm45 kg
MD/45-600 mm600 mm45 kg
MD/45-700 mm700 mm45 kg

Packaging: 15 pairs/box.
Prices valid for one pair.

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MD/45 drawer slide
MD/45 drawer slidePlastic stopper | Release lever: to detach drawer rail from centre railMD/45 drawer slide - sectional figure

MINI drawer slides

From 0.57 €

Drawer slide with altering system.  The number before sign '/' is the length of slide, the number after '/' is the depth of drawer.

Finish: galvanized steel

ProductABCLoad capacity
MINI-182/313182 mm182 mm50 mm10 kg
MINI-214/347214 mm214 mm79 mm10 kg
MINI-246/410246 mm246 mm79 mm10 kg
MINI-278/458278 mm278 mm93 mm10 kg
MINI-310/521310 mm310 mm93 mm10 kg


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MINI drawer slide
MINI drawer slideMINI drawer slide - cross-section figureMINI drawer slide - drawingA: length of rail | B: length of cabinet rail | C: Loss of extensionBuilt-in drawingBuilt-in drawing

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